About School

Zila Proshashon School and College, Noakhali (English Version), the only and the first English Version School and College in Noakhali is situated at the centre of Maijdee City, Noakhli. It is established by the District Administration, Noakhali in 2021 and the educational institute will always run under the direct supervision of District Administration, Noakhali. 

The core instrument of human development is education and our priority is to furnish the harmonious development of the intellectual, physical, social, moral and spiritual faculties of the students through our teaching procedure.

In this fast-moving world, there is no other alternative to be skilled in English Language. Zila Proshashon School and College will open the door of an inspiring, collaborative ad caring environment to make the children capable to interact in this global society.

To build a vibrant learning environment, all the multimedia and higher technological facilities will be provided here. our teachers and staffs are so dedicated. all of us are working as a family and the children are the heart of this family. we do believe in equality, every student matters to us. and our approach is student-centred. They will foster our shared values and ethos which will be reflected through their self-confidence and their behaviour.

Our endeavour will be to ensure students potentiality and competence to face any future complexities and to take responsibilities in every walk of life.