President Message

Quality educational institutions are essential to building the future generation efficient and suitable for global competition. In the current context of globalization, there is no alternative but to give more importance to learning the English language in order to be educated in modern education. English is not just a language it is a skill, so I believe that a student who is proficient in English must be ahead of others in his future life. Despite Noakhali being one of the oldest districts, the lack of a good quality English version school was evident. For this purpose, Zila Proshashon School and College, Noakhali (English version) have been established by the District Administration, Noakhali.

We consider each child to be unique so we will always strive to maintain an inclusive learning and learning environment. We have skilled teachers who will ensure quality education. In this era of information technology, our efforts will be to make a student proficient in general education as well as information technology. In keeping with the times, we have adopted an interactive website through which a parent can get all the necessary information at home.

We are determined to build a modern standard educational institution in line with the expectations of the parents with the dream of building an orderly and meritorious nation.

Dewan Mahbubur Rahman(Deputy Commissioner, Noakhali)